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Wed Sep, 23 2009

Open Up Your Eyes As Wide As You Can, And Please Hurry Up

At The Liberty Papers, Brad Warbiany explains himself:

"1) Iím a libertarian. In my world, prostitution would be legal.
2) Iím a libertarian. In my world, the IRS would be illegal."
Absolutely. No contest. Gotta love that all day long.

But look here...
"Thus, I wasnít all that up in arms about an organization advising someone on how to hide the proceeds of a prostitution business from the IRS. In fact, I was a bit jealous ó nobody exists to help me hide MY legal income from the IRS!"
I read that and the rest of the post. Even accounting for Brad's face-front on ACORN, I have to wonder how many quite understand the dimensions of that affair. What you were looking at was the culturalization of virtual nomenklatura in American politics. Many descriptions of the Soviet phenomenon will tell you that it was "small", and this might leave room for scoffing at this idea. However, the essence of it is a necessarily hierarchical arrangement of shadow politics often known these days as "gaming the system". The Soviet nomenklatura was only a concentrated manifestation of what Ayn Rand called "The Politics of Pull".

This was ACORN palming-off political power as a matter of subverting freedom. It's that simple. One excellent proof of this is that you will never see a day when ACORN calls for dismantling IRS as a matter of principle in fidelity to freedom: it is simply not in their interest and this should be almost self-evident.

I just wish more people could analyze these things on these levels. There are lots of benefits to that. For one thing, the dazzle wouldn't be worn off the shiney-object if only it didn't include adolescent girls as if the rest of evil of it would be nothing to get "up in arms" about and everyone could just move along, citizens.

The ability to identify and logically extend principles opens horizons -- for good or ill -- and zooms a lot of little concrete trees out of line-of-sight to the forests.

Ya know?


Various guitars I see floating by, mostly Gibson and mostly eBay.

Early Norlin ES-335 -- 1970, in Walnut ("ES-335TDW"). This is a period-piece look and feel, and arguably the sound as well but that's to cut things very finely. A "classic" 335 would be the original of 1958 in the Sunburst or Natural finish, or the Cherry Red of 1959; the Walnut of 1970 (second year of that finish offering) is not really a "classic" 335. In the history of the Gibson aesthetic, this is analogous to, say, vertically-striped polyester bell-bottoms or Bahama Blue shag carpeting. None of this is to say that they're not cool guitars, and this is a nice one. Excellent photographs.

Chrome hardware, featuring the trapeze tailpiece (like my L-47 and I've always liked it) and ABR-1 bridge with period-typical nylon saddles. Bound rosewood fretboard, with small block markers, and then the crown inlay at the machine head. These would be the T-top Humbuckers. Vintage Nazis would moan that the upper bouts are pointy (the body templates were wearing-out in the factory) and the fourteen-degree machine head with the volute signals a sometimes not-fun era of the line, but these things really do rock or moan or whatever you want a 335-type semi-hollow to do. ...which, of course, is because it really is a 335.

In the months since I've let AxeBites languish all to bleedin' hell, Gibson's Robot Guitar technology has sifted out to other models than the original Les Paul application. I don't know how it's going: I still haven't even seen one of these self-tuners. I don't see piles of them burning on the sides of the highway, nor reverent hangings in display cases over bars, so who knows? This 2008 Robot SG is ready to rock in the Metallic Red. Nickel hardware; it's the stoptail wired for data to send to the tuners, with dual Humbuckers. It's a bound rosewood fretboard, but I really like the single-bound machine head with the crown inlay. That's a real cool old-school look, right there, to set off that crazy-ass color. {nod}