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Wed Feb, 25 2009

Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Hope

"If there is hope, the hope is in a coalition of people who believe in core fundamental values--not only those who have it all 100% right, not those who can recite from OPAR (as much I wish we all could), not just anarchists."
What has not penetrated your thinking yet is that we're the ones leading the way on principles, and we're right. Think hard about it, Scott: to reject any given government is first an application of ethics. "This government is not a value to me, and I will not have it." This is what the human individual is built by nature do do: make up his own mind about his values, and that includes government.

I'm the one who's consistent in all this, Scott. You are never going to see me turn around and endorse any government and its presumed authority over anyone's mind. Conversely, you're the one with the integrity problem in this. Anyone with a decent grasp of history must understand that what you're seeing right now is a final fulfillment of constitutional design together with the advent of Pragmatism in action over the past century or so. You are so heavily invested that you cannot see any of that.

"Coalition"? {Hah!} I've said it before: you bring nothing for me to work with.

What is required are principles, son, and you don't have what it takes.

I'm not here to be mean to you. I'm telling you what I see, and I have been seeing farther than you for nearly as long as you've been alive.

As for this:
"I state a simple and plain fact. I REALLY LIKE Billy Beck."
I know you do. I always have. Anyone with a brain in their head, would. Let me tell you something:

It has been the experience of my whole life (really: since I was very little) that people either love me or can't stand me, just about on sight. Anecdote: when I was in the eighth grade, my brother's girlfriend hauled-off and spit in my face one day, right straight out of the blue and within less than five minutes of meeting me. It was a horrifying episode for everyone involved, and not least Pam, who could not explain why she did that.

I puzzled over that for years. Along the way, I took close account of various peoples' responses to me, and came to my own conclusion, which is that the thing that some people can't stand about me is that I make no bones about who I am. I don't play social conventions -- except on my very own terms -- and I don't care what anyone thinks about me, because I'm the only one who counts, to me. (There is a trap there, Scott: don't step in it.)

It doesn't matter whether you like me. It never has.

What matters is what I think of you.

And you and everyone else here can take note of this:

I am here on the attack. I have a few friends here now, but that is of no serious consequence to me. I am here to point out the genuine tragedy of just how abjectly useless Objectivism has been in this fight. For a philosophy that espouses mind/body integration that Objectivism has so well, I would not have imagined such a herd of inert brains-in-vats, so content to watch this whole project going to hell while they whistle "Ave Maria". (Yes: I'm going to make that a focus-object of the derision. Perigo will always deserve it, the flubber-spined slob.)

Amy Peikoff, my dear, do yourself a favor: don't ever address me again, or -- at the least -- take extreme care if you ever do, because I'll put you in your place.

See my rage. Understand: I am an extremely dissatisfied customer. I think the original manufacturer did some of the most important work of the whole twentieth century, but her wholesale and retail organization is one of the lamest things I ever saw. And when I consider the times and what they call for, this is an outrage that I will never tolerate peaceably. You people can go straight to hell with the rest of us, and I will take particular delight in it -- yes: that's what I said and mean -- because of the mantle that you presume and of which you're not worthy by the smallest fraction.

I can't stand frauds, and that's what this place is. And if I can burn it down, I will count the work well done.


For old net.hood.homies: that's not the Scott of old, it's another Scott, the truth be told.

Very curiousity: since I posted that, the whole joint's been offline.


When a history of The Endarkenment is ever written, it could not be called comprehensive without accounting for the failure of Objectivism in the fight for America. That's how important Objectivism is, and that's how badly it's been handled.

Tue Feb, 24 2009

The Machine Build

"Child rapists are so hated that few people can bring themselves to say a word in their 'defense'. That's what the State relies upon -- a general willingness to strip certain people of all rights under the law simply becuase they are that thoroughly detested. Through its treatment of sex offenders, the state establishes many precedents in law that can be used against other categories of people, especially in perilous time when oh-so many categories constitute a public threat.

Who is next?"
Wendy McElroy

That's a truly noble effort, ladies and gentlemen, but I say she's spitting into the wind. With Pragmatism in full philosophical and (most important) political sway, a principled argument has no intellectual traction, now. It's all just made-up as we go along, and there will be a lot to make up as we go.

"Child rapists today, you tomorrow."

(Paraphrase: Solzhenitsyn, "Gulag")

Scientific Breakthroughs

"This video is a blow to romantic notions of student activism."
Gawker links video of the denouement of the Revolutionary NYU Food Court Occupation.

It's very remarkable: someone has finally succeeded at getting chimpanzees to credibly emulate human speech. "We need to use a consensus process to move forward." It even sounds like English.

(Hugo sent me that in e-mail)

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Various guitars I see floating by, mostly Gibson and mostly eBay.

Early Norlin ES-335 -- 1970, in Walnut ("ES-335TDW"). This is a period-piece look and feel, and arguably the sound as well but that's to cut things very finely. A "classic" 335 would be the original of 1958 in the Sunburst or Natural finish, or the Cherry Red of 1959; the Walnut of 1970 (second year of that finish offering) is not really a "classic" 335. In the history of the Gibson aesthetic, this is analogous to, say, vertically-striped polyester bell-bottoms or Bahama Blue shag carpeting. None of this is to say that they're not cool guitars, and this is a nice one. Excellent photographs.

Chrome hardware, featuring the trapeze tailpiece (like my L-47 and I've always liked it) and ABR-1 bridge with period-typical nylon saddles. Bound rosewood fretboard, with small block markers, and then the crown inlay at the machine head. These would be the T-top Humbuckers. Vintage Nazis would moan that the upper bouts are pointy (the body templates were wearing-out in the factory) and the fourteen-degree machine head with the volute signals a sometimes not-fun era of the line, but these things really do rock or moan or whatever you want a 335-type semi-hollow to do. ...which, of course, is because it really is a 335.

In the months since I've let AxeBites languish all to bleedin' hell, Gibson's Robot Guitar technology has sifted out to other models than the original Les Paul application. I don't know how it's going: I still haven't even seen one of these self-tuners. I don't see piles of them burning on the sides of the highway, nor reverent hangings in display cases over bars, so who knows? This 2008 Robot SG is ready to rock in the Metallic Red. Nickel hardware; it's the stoptail wired for data to send to the tuners, with dual Humbuckers. It's a bound rosewood fretboard, but I really like the single-bound machine head with the crown inlay. That's a real cool old-school look, right there, to set off that crazy-ass color. {nod}