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Barbarian Caprice

"The law is laid down so that the crime need not be proven. The process is expedited without any impertinence of defense."
(shorter People v. Bransford, 8 Cal.4th 894 (1994). See DUI Blog)

Does everyone understand why I keep calling it "Endarkenment"? It's the counter-Enlightenment, kids. Facts do not matter. Try to understand: it means that there is no reference to reality, and the power of the state gets to make it all up as they go along. If that ruins your life, then you get to suck it up and be a good little citizen in the name of whatever depravity it is that drives this sort of thing.

Try to imagine what the culture will come to as this epistemic dynamic is extended into the future. You might as well live under a fifth century barbarian king.

Is that what you want?

Mar 04, 10 | 8:56 pm


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