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Mon Mar, 26 2012

The Needle And The Damage Done

"Some criminologists replace statistics with High Theory in their search for racism. The criminal-justice system does treat individual suspects and criminals equally, they concede. But the problem is how society defines crime and criminals. Crime is a social construction designed to marginalize minorities, these theorists argue. A liberal use of scare quotes is virtually mandatory in such discussions, to signal one's distance from primitive notions like 'law-abiding' and 'dangerous.' Arguably, vice crimes are partly definitional (though even there, the law enforcement system focuses on them to the extent that they harm communities). But the social constructivists are talking about all crime, and it's hard to see how one could 'socially reconstruct' assault or robbery so as to convince victims that they haven't been injured."

Go read this article by Heather Mac Donald. I say it's courageous.

Here's the real hooker in the whole thing: almost no analysis of this matter -- and certainly no mere statistical outlook -- is ever going to account for the moral destruction wrought by the War on Drugs, which reaches far, far beyond its ostensible sphere. We could start with the ethical decay of the police in this country. Right off the bat, it's obvious that if you have a racist in blue and he's got a legal device with which to rack everyday citizens for their private conduct, you therefore have a recipe-made disaster. (The words "private conduct" here are chosen for their radical philosophical precision. That means that there will be no discussion of "related crimes" in this context.)

It is impossible to maintain a system of coercion like this over so individual a moral choice without destroying morality itself: reality simply will not stand that contradiction. The Prohibition of the 1920's should have taught this immutable lesson to everyone thinking about it, but now we're faced with a far more forceful effort, far better equipped and motivated (not least with its own employment: witness the rise of "assets seizure") and attempting to control a far deeper culture of resistance and insistence.

I know that this is not all there is to the matter that Mac Donald addresses. It has to be an enormous element, however, and I really don't think that anyone will ever know what it will finally add up to.

Mar 26, 12 | 4:41 am


Mon Mar, 12 2012

Spleen Shares Roundup

Spleenco Vice-President for Biocommerce Operations Splice Ripman was non-committal today on news of underground commodities trading. "We haven't seen inroads on the stock price, and industrial demand for small ductless gland products indicates that street-gouging is a negligible consideration on the scale of a market like ours."

Mar 12, 12 | 7:52 pm


Fri Mar, 09 2012

Dear Soledad O'Brien

What's wrong with this picture?

{tap-tap} No glass...
No frame...

You're in it.

Mar 09, 12 | 6:21 pm


Comes The Dawn

You know, I watch Sandra Fluke and it becomes clear to me: it might be something of a mystery why Hollywood no longer produces great working scripts, but there can be no question where they've gone, now.

Mar 09, 12 | 1:43 am


Thu Mar, 08 2012

"We Are All Andrew Breitbart Now"

Not me.

I'm getting bloody sick and tired of seeing and hearing that. I understand that most of you still value electoral politics, just like he did. He thought we could vote our way out of this.

That was his unforgivable foolishness, and yours too, if that's what you believe. You would do better to face facts.

Mar 08, 12 | 8:31 pm


Wed Mar, 07 2012

National Security Theater

I hope you losers are enjoying the show.

Just keep writing those checks, kids.

Mar 07, 12 | 5:35 pm


Gone West

Lex ran a good blog for many years, and I really enjoyed it.

Mar 07, 12 | 5:26 pm


Thu Mar, 01 2012

Andrew Breitbart

Ideologically, he was a child or a goddamned twit. That (yes) fool still believed in democracy: he thought that we were going to vote our way out of this.

I kept him in the same bag with most conservatives. His heart was in the right place, but he was blind and didn't know shit.

Mar 01, 12 | 8:02 pm