September 19, 1992
Washington, D.C.

Hysteria can begin to set in on a day like today.

We're at Constitution Hall, Washington D.C. This place was built in the early 1930's primarily for oratory, I think. It's a 2500 seat auditorium. The stage is quite a bit too small for us, and curved along the upstage wall.  There are no rigging points up there. So, we have had to mount the upstage truss on floor support towers.  These things take up an enormous footprint on the floor, every square inch of which is very precious to us.

Scott is jammed into a tiny mix bunker, about 9x10 feet in area.  It's formed of the stage left P.A. stack on his left (downstage), the upstage wall on his right, his desk in front of him, and the seating wall behind. All of his gear is jammed in there with him. The cable run off the mid-stage truss is falling just upstage of his desk, in contact with it. That cable fall weighs about 600 lbs. It represents about 20% of the wiring surrounding Scott.

Bernie couldn't get the entire set in here.  The was no place for him to hang the truss which supports his upstage set wall.

There are no follow spotlights on the truss tonight.  I had to kill two I-Beams because we simply couldn't afford the space on the deck.

On and on and on...

The show is simply jammed in here. This will make for a really stupid out. There is no room to for us to dance. We'll probably get out of here by 4:00 or 4:30 am (after the second, "that's right, count 'em folx!", second show)

But it's cool...

We don't have to crack the first truck in Philadelphia until 9:00 am tomorrow.

September 19, 1992
Washington D.C.

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