William J. Beck III

Two--Four Weblog -- Running commentary.

Politics - Culture

"The Dark Thread" - One man's search for differences between Us and Them on downtown Atlanta streets, after the Rodney King Affair.
    "To the Citizens of Union, S.C." - An open letter to a small town besieged by Susan Smith.
    "Too Late For a Political Solution?" - Where are we headed?.

    "A Misplaced Book Review" - Roger Morris' "Partners In Power", reviewed... because somebody had to do it.

    "Life On The Line" - Up against the cops...who were up against me.

Sense of Life

    "Fallingwater" - Considerations of a famous dwelling.

    "World Series - 1991" - A baseball fan's wildest dreams.

    "Hog Heaven at Sturgis" - Saddle up a Harley at the world's largest bike rally.

    "Harleyween" - Bike spooks at midnight.

    "Requiem For A Racer" - A farewell to Scott Brayton.

    "My Guitar Life" - A memoir, devoted to Dad.

Rock Touring

    "Introduction" - from my journal kept during En Vogue's "Funky Divas" tour of 1992. The full journal is entitled "How Million Miles? - Fifty-One Days on the Road", and comprised of 28 articles including the introduction and glossary of terms.

Taildragger Training

Notes on learning to fly the old fashioned way.

Military Aviation

"Jets" ...paean to tough edges of a very particular sort.
"Esteem Well Earned" - "killer games".
"Serenade To The Big Bird" - A Sentimental Journey.

"The Hunters"- pocket review of James Salter's novel.