It was high on the snow-blown slopes of the Eiger that an inspiration to American life in the 90's was shaken from a doomed and courageous man.

    Assured that, "We will make it..." ...the Belgian shook his head grimly, and flashed a charming smile;

    "I don't think so," he said..."But we shall carry on with style..."

An "extreme" view? Don't the times warrant it? Well...let's see. If we look around, perhaps there is room for hope...but we must know what we're about.

    Who here has had enough of this drug war? Surely, a rational person might have hoped that the lessons of Prohibition and the 18th Amendment had not been lost after only 60 years! Are we all aware of the total number of prisoners in America now? If a government can simply declare an administrative "War on Drugs" and manufacture a criminal class in one fell swoop, who's next? What rational principle of legal philosophy can possibly validate such a government? might ask, "Why is he making such a big deal out of the War on Drugs?"

    There are several reasons why this matter is so important. One of them is that the basic appeal of the War on Drugs is attractive on its face: it seems to be a good thing to try to prevent the use of drugs. Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if everyone lived the way we do? Who in their right mind would spend their money and years in a squalid crack house? If we can all agree that this is not the way we would choose to live, doesn't it make sense that we should take every possible step to prevent others from doing so?

    I am here to say, "No! This does not make any sense at all!"

    We may attempt to persuade. We may argue. We may scream, curse, or even pray. We cannot use the force of government to change the behavior of others simply because we disapprove of how they live. We cannot do so, and remain in the right.

(NOTE: Post-moderns should run away!  This assertion rests on the premise that there are such things as "right" and "wrong"!)

    Essentially, this is because we would all resent it if the dopers were able to turn things around and make us all start smoking crack. Here is the difference: right now, the dopers are simply not strong enough (i.e. - they don't have enough votes) to turn the issue around on those who don't use drugs.

    What if they were?

    Would that make it right? If there was a law which forced you to take LSD twice a week, would it be right for them to do that? Would it be right for you to disobey the law? (Why?...why not?)
How many of us here have never considered these matters before? (C'mon - don't be shy...)

       Well, here are some of our favorite lessons on the Web, to help clarify some of the essential questions. Now, some of you will think these are easy. Others of you will find them a crashing bore. Some of you might say, "Hmm. I never thought of that before." Many of you will shrug and surf off to...someplace else. In any case, we will try to point you in the direction of people and places who keep the study of liberty lively and serious at the same time. However, here's the point: start thinking! We don't want to hear the word "feel" around here for a while. (There is time for that elsewhere.)

        Fine, then. Off we go...

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