September 27, 1992
Cincinnati, Ohio


I don't know when I've been so happy to see a four day run come to an end.

Four show days in a row is nothing very special.  It happens all the time. The problem with this one is that the middle two of the four included double shows. The second show started at  approximately midnight. After a 75 minute show, we don't get really rocking on the out until 1:30 am. Last night, we didn't get out of the Fox in Detroit until almost 5:00 am.

Now, bear in mind that I am not complaining. I'm simply stating the miserable facts of the matter. By subtracting a 5:45 am bunk time from a 10:00 am load in this morning, one can roughly gauge what we feel like right now.

We're at some gymnasium on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. Last night's prestrike intelligence data was only about half correct: half of this crew is students, the other half are union hands. The union guys are mostly riggers who climb in this 70 ft. roof steel to hang our show.

The room is a nondescript sort of flat arena; the seats don't go very high on the sides, and the sightlines are nothing to rave about.

The whole head on the tour today is very, uh...expedient.  Yeah, that's it; get this one in, on, over, and out.

We'll hang here in Cincinnati tomorrow, which is cool with me.  I've always enjoyed days off in this town.

Hallelujah, lawd.

September 27, 1992
Cincinnati, Ohio

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